Spex Of Time Dimes #10

TODAY marks the 10th installment of #SpexOfTimeDimes where we feature a customer and get behind the beautiful/handsome face. We often gawk over the Rihanna's and Brad Pitt's of the world but what about the "regular" driven person with goals that happens to look amazing? That said, feel free to send your selfie answering any combination of the questions below to info@spexoftime.com and look forward to being showcased on a Friday. Today we are featuring Jace Nicholson @Iamjnicholson (FB & IG) who purchased our #Tiga #Spex from the "Lamar William's Collection" on www.spexoftime.com. Gotta love his swag. See his interview below.

1. What is your occupation and in what market?

Child actor and model. A year ago I auditioned for the Premiere Program Disney. After three interviews and lots of acting and reading lines (with established actors) I was invited to be apart of the Premiere Disney family. Out of thousands and thousands of kids they only pick a few...like 10,000 children interviewed in the UK and only 10 got picked. Part of becoming part of the family includes going to Disney for a week and participating in celebrity intensives and showcasing in front of the industries top casting directors, producers, agents, and managers from all over the world. It was awesome! I spent my entire time with actors from Disney channel and Nickelodeon and other child actors. I recently just filmed an episode for Nightmare Next Door... A series that comes on the ID channel and Hulu. Look for me on a tv near you! And, check out my IG, FB, and Twitter: @iamjnicholson

2. What do you like most about your job? Being able to morph into different characters and having fun while meeting new people.

3. What is your pet peeve? Repeating things

4. Who is your favorite musical artists? Chelsey Green and The Green Project

5. What is your favorite movie? Dolphin Tale

6. What is your favorite physical feature of yourself? My hair... It can change so much and people love it. But i don't like when people touch it well sometimes I do...depends.

7. What are you the most proud of? Achieving the things (goals) on my vision boards...like becoming an actor, being a NAGA World Champion in Brazilian Ju Jitsu

8. What is something people do not know about you? I pray for super powers

9. As a lover of vintage shopping what is your favorite era? When graffiti was popular