Spex Of Time Dimes #11

TODAY marks the 11th installment of #SpexOfTimeDimes where we feature a customer and get behind the beautiful/handsome face. We often gawk over the Rihanna's and Brad Pitt's of the world but what about the "regular" driven person with goals that happens to look amazing? That said, feel free to send your selfie answering any combination of the questions below to info@spexoftime.com and look forward to being showcased on a Friday. Today we are featuring Tiffany Nicholson @tifnich (IG) who purchased our #Redvelvet #Spex on www.spexoftime.com. Two quick facts about Tiffany are as follows:

1. We hired her to make modifications to a number of features to our page - Particularly our "about us" section and product descriptions for our 10 best sellers along with both the Lamar & Tiana collections.  She came at the perfect time and we are firm believers in paying people for their expertise to keep us focused on providing YOU with the best eye-wear on the web!  She was a pleasure to work with and met ALL of the deliverables we agreed on! #MoneyWellSpexed #ImeanSpent

2. Tiffany is also Jace Nicholson's mother (See Spex Of Time Dimes #10) and is doing a FINE job at it : )

See her interview below.

1. What is your occupation and in what market?

I’m a wordsmith . . . By day, I am a speechwriter for the federal government. By night, I am the co-founder and creative director of The Muse & The Messenger, LLC, a boutique freelance writing and editing firm. We provide writing and editing service to professionals, business owners, public figures and speakers, authors, and your average man or woman who has something to say and not sure how. We specialize in book and speech consulting, ghostwriting (books and speeches), copywriting, news, online/print media, and editing. Ha! We even write best man and maid of honor speeches. You get the point, right?

2. What do you like most about your job?

What’s there not to like? I help people express themselves. I serve as inspiration and expression. Hence, the ‘muse’ and the ‘messenger.’ Tell me your thoughts, and I’ll put them in words that anyone can feel and understand.

3. What is your pet peeve?

Non responsiveness

4. Who is your favorite musical artists?

C’mon! I have so many . . . The Roots, Amel Larrieux, Nas, Lauryn Hill, Wu Tang, Sade . . . Look, I just love good music and great lyrics.

5. What is your favorite movie?

The Adjustment Bureau – absolute favorite!

6. What is your favorite physical feature of yourself?

Hmm, physical feature? I have no idea. I’m gonna go with my eyes; they say the eyes are the window to your soul. Hopefully, when someone looks me in the eyes, they see more than my physical features.

7. What are you the most proud of?

Being mom to my son. He’s so DOPE, and I’m so blessed.

8. What is something people do not know about you?

I’m a goofball and so ticklish (like I’m laughing thinking about the idea of being tickled LOL). It's ridiculous, I know. Now . . . everybody knows . . . thanks Spex of Time.

9. As a lover of vintage shopping what is your favorite era?

Ahh, the 1950’s to early 60’s (I think it is called the New Look or Mid Century Era in fashion). I’m all about timeless simplicity with a trace of class. Clean lines, figure flattering cuts, and enduring looks. Oh and, cat-eye styled frames! I’m just “trying to stay a classic in a world of trends.”