Lamar Williams Collection

The Lamar Williams Collection is named after Lamar aka "Tiga" Williams. Raised by his mother Beverley Williams, Lamar grew up in the Co-op City section of the Bronx, NY. There, he became widely known for his way with the ladies, infectious charisma, and style.

A clever, intelligent young man, Lamar aspired to study law at Morgan State University upon graduating high school. On January 14, 1999, during his senior year at Truman High School, his life was tragically cut short. Though he may be gone, Lamar’s legacy continues to live on through those who knew and loved him.

This ever-evolving collection of our most trend-setting vintage sunglasses is not only a tribute to Lamar. It is an effort to ensure that his legacy not only lives on but also influences a young person to dream and pursue higher education.

We use the proceeds from the Lamar Williams Collection to give one college scholarship to a Truman High School senior each year.