Spex of Time, LLC has teamed up with professional opticians to offer single-vision prescription lenses in selected frames. 

Below are the steps you must follow to ensure we have all the information required to get your prescription Spex of Time order processed successfully.


  1. Obtain a copy of your eyeglasses prescription from your doctor.
    • Ensure the prescription is for eyeglasses not contacts.
    • Be sure to ask your doctor to include the pupillary distance (PD) on your prescription.
  2. Go to the "Spex Scripts" category of our website.
  3. Find your favorite style frames in this category.
  4. Select "YES" to "Add Prescription Lenses" option.
  5. Upload a copy of your eyeglass prescription as part of your order.
  6. Select whether your prefer the "Standard" or "Premium" prescription lens type. (See more details about lens type options below.)
  7. To apply your vision insurance allowance towards your Spex Scripts purchase, select "YES" to the "Apply Vision Insurance" option.
  8. Upload a copy of your vision insurance card as part of your order. Visions insurance will be validated before order is filled and we will credit your insurance allowance once insurance allowance is verified.
  9. If you will not be using vision insurance for your Spex Scripts purchase, select "NO" to the "Apply Vision Insurance" option. 
  10. Add your Spex Scripts frames to your cart and check out!


Prescription Lens Types 

    • Standard Prescription: This option includes anti-glare prescription lenses. ($195 standard size frame/$245 over-sized frame)
    • Premium Prescription: This option includes anti-glare with a hi-index (thinner and lighter) prescription lenses. ($245 standard size frame/$295 over-sized frame)
    • Over-sized frames (over 142mm wide) require a $40 up-charge which is included in the price when lens type is selected.
    • If you have any questions about which lens type is recommended for your prescription, please consult with your doctor prior to making a selection.
    • Please review our FRAME SIZE GUIDE on the Spex Script page prior to selecting frames for your prescription.
    • If you have any questions about frame sizes and fit, please contact us prior to submitting your order.

Single-Vision Prescription

    • Spex of Time offers SINGLE-VISION PRESCRIPTION ONLY at this time.
    • Most people require single-vision lenses to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness.
    • Please contact us directly for customized quotes for bifocal, trifocal and/or progressive lens prescription option.

Vision Insurance Allowance

    • If you select to use your vision insurance allowance credit, we MUST validate coverage with your provider prior to fulfilling your prescription lens order.
    • Upon verification of your insurance allowance, we will credit the verified amount to you.
    • Average vision insurance allowance ranges between $70 - $100.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) / Health Spending Account (HSA)

    • We accept FSA / HSA cards for Spex Scripts purchases, however this is a manual process. Please email us at info@spexoftime.com for more information.

Try Before You Buy

We offer a Home Try-On service because we understand the commitment and expense associated with prescription lenses. Below is a summary of the Home Try-On process. Please contact us directly at info@spexoftime.com for more details on this service. 

    • Select 4 frames to test out for 7 days and we’ll ship them to you—for free!
    • Return the frames using the same package and a prepaid shipping label.
    • We process your prescription lens order using the Standard Spex Scripts process outlined above.

Shipping & Returns

    • Expect 3 - 4 weeks to process your order with prescription and ship your Spex Scripts to your door!
    • The use of vision insurance allowance and over-sized frames typically takes longer to process and ship.

Please feel free to contact us at info@spexoftime.com regarding our Spex Scripts service. Thank you.